I Am An American Magnet - 4 3/8” wide X 5 ½” high

Magnet size is 4 3/8” wide X 5 ½” high

I Am An American Magnet


The I Am An American magnet measures 4 3/8” wide X 5 ½” high.  The eight brilliant colors design is printed on .040 thick high quality magnetic stock


This magnet will adhere to almost all ferrous metal surfaces. If ordered and shipped in the same box as a handgun replica, it will arrive with an arced shape. This shape will flatten out as soon as the magnet is placed on a flat, ferrous metal surface, like a refrigerator.


This is a beautiful, imprinted design on the magnet and I’m sure any patriotic American will agree with the words of the anonymous author.


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I Am An American


I owe you no apologies nor will I accept those apologies made for me by others. If you dislike me, you dislike me not for what I am, but for what you are not. By my own sweat I have created a lifestyle which I desire for all men. To the world I have shared my wealth and given my blood, not because of obligation, but by my free will. I have fed the hungry of the world. Many have bit my hand; I used the other hand. I defeated my enemies in battle, and then pulled them up from the ashes of defeat. Once strong, they again attacked; I turned the other cheek. Though I am strong, I have never used my strength to rule others. But do not misjudge me, I will not allow the fear of my own strength to become my weakness. If you wish to rise, I will give you a helping hand. But by the grace of God, and I’ll first be damned if I'll let you drag me down so that we might be equal.


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