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The Collection of the most famous and/or well known handguns of the world consist of twelve, possibly up to sixteen, miniature replicas of these handguns in one-quarter to one-half scale.


All the mini-replicas are three-dimensional, expertly crafted and precision manufactured. They are injection molded from hard zinc metal, Silver electroplated and antiqued to show the extraordinary detail on both sides. They are collectors classics, treasured gifts and excellent conversation pieces to be handed down from generation to generation.


The pistol (semi-automatic) replicas are normally housed in a Black velvet presentation box with a preformed Red felt insert accompanied by a Gold plated identification tag with the words inlaid with Black enamel. The Bill of Rights/2nd Amendment logo is gilded in Gold on the linen covering the inside of the box lid.


The revolver replicas are normally housed in a Red velvet presentation box with a preformed Black felt insert. The identification tag and the Bill of Rights/2nd Amendment logo are finished the same as the pistol presentation box.

Both the pistol and revolver replicas are mailed with the presentation box inside a White chipboard box for protection during transit. Both pistols and revolvers also have a charcoal colored soft shipping foam insert inside the presentation box to prevent the replica and/or identification plate from moving around during transit.


Here are the first fourteen mini-replicas and the tentative order in which they will be produced.


  1. U.S. Army 1911A1(Available)
  2. Colt Single Action Army-Cavalry model (Available)
  3. Luger P.08 (Available)
  4. C96 "broomhandle" Mauser (Available)
  5. Webley Mark VI (Available)
  6. Colt Walker .44 (Available)
  7. Philadelphia Deringer  (Available)
  8. Walther PPK (Available)
  9. Colt Python
  10. Hi-Power
  11. Auto Mag
  12. S&W J-Frame
  13. Beretta 92
  14. Glock






All mini-replicas will be priced at $19.95 - $24.95 each plus mailing cost.



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 The Walther PPK is the handgun of James Bond, agent 007.